3 Sisters

Three Sisters is a collaborative collection made by a family of designers, Allison, Tammy and Jacquie. Allison started her first quilt 18 years ago and that is where the love of quilting began for the Three Sisters! Her favourite things to sew are totes and intricate heirloom quilts. Tammy is the organiser and If there's work to be done she’ll be ready to delve into it! For her first quilt she made a beautiful scrap quilt in the hexagon puzzle pattern, Tammy enjoys doing traditional quilting so her designs tend to incorporate old fashioned patterns. Jacquie although no longer active within the business, still influences and enjoys smaller projects, with her favourite being miniature quilts and focusing on paying attention to fine details. The 3 Sisters quilting pattern designs are known for its minimalism and country style. The 3 Sisters by Moda Fabrics range available at Fifis Fabricology is perfect for those looking for patterns that are rich in colour, relaxed and elegant.

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