Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson is one of the quilting industries most prestigious designers and prolific publishers. As a self pro-claimed quilting addict, Alex has published 30 quilting books and designs a huge range of patterns. Alex Anderson’s fabric patterns are distinct and offer perfect designs for both new comers and experienced quilters. The Anderson collection comes in a range of colours and offers a classical style of quilt design. Her love of quilting first began in 1978 when she created a quilt as part of an assignment at university. Since then she has focused on understanding fabric relationships and developed an intense appreciation for traditional quilts and beautiful quilting surface design. Her personal mission is to share her love of quilting will all who will listen as well as educate those interested in the industry. She wants quilting to be handed down from generation to generation. Alex Anderson has 2 children and currently resides with her husband in Northern California. Please feel free to browse her incredible collection below.

Alex Anderson (18)
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