Alexander Henry House Designer

Alexander Henry is a prestigious textile designer that creates cutting-edge and original prints. Consistently growing with new products inspired by art history, runway fashion and culture as a whole, Alexander Henry is a favourite for home-sewers and manufacturers alike. Each design is passionately handcrafted and painted by a panel of in house artists. The artists, known as the De Leon Design Group, consists of Marc, Phillip and Nicole De Leon, who explain their passion as ‘wonderfully unpredictable’. Phillip explained that "As a fabric company and as painters we feel tied to the tradition of old world textile design.” He states the method behind their artistic flair is an intimacy to the finished product that he believes the clients notice. When introducing a collection, customers approach each design as something unique, where the hand of the artist is definitely in evidence. With over thirty years of industry experience, Alexander Henry has established itself as a superior fabric designer that not only delivers quality products but imaginative and durable designs. Their inspirations page shows they are motivated by vintage chic style as well as antique French elements. Modern and contemporary elements such as retro-styled florescent lighting and bright colours with flower designs also are a prominent aspect. It is interesting to note that an equal balance of vibrant colours and earthy tones are complimented well. Similar to other high-quality American fabric companies, Alexander Henry does not sell directly to consumers, but however to retail stores and online. Enjoy the full range of Alexander Henry’s delightful designs available at Fifis Fabricology.

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Alexander Henry House Designer (93)
Sub Catalogs
  1. 2012 Collection (6)
  2. Africa (8)
  3. Anja (1)
  4. Boat Cruise (5)
  5. Bone Bling (1)
  6. Brooke (2)
  7. Caitlin Blooms (2)
  8. Djada Border (1)
  9. Fashion for Home Collect (1)
  10. Flea Market Friends (4)
  11. Ghastly (2)
  12. Griffith Park (1)
  13. Happy Drawing (8)
  14. Haunted House (4)
  15. Heath (7)
  16. Kaori Floral (0)
  17. Kenyan Tea Leaf (1)
  18. La Paloma (2)
  19. Larkspur (3)
  20. Lorenza (2)
  21. Love,Luck and Liberty (1)
  22. Miscellany (3)
  23. Monkeys Biz (4)
  24. Monster (10)
  25. No. 5 Collection (2)
  26. Rivoli (4)
  27. Sienna (3)
  28. Still Life (0)
  29. The Pirate Captain Redbeard (8)
  30. The Princess Petal Range (9)
  31. Verve (3)
  32. June Collection (4)
  33. The Ghastlies (8)
  34. The Marina (1)
  35. Golden Jungle (2)
  36. kenyan tea leaf (1)