Alexia Abegg

Alexia Abegg is a well renowned artist, designer, seamstress and author. Running a sewing school in Nashville, America called STITCH and a pattern business with her husband and mother called Green Bee Patterns. Exciting news also has Alexia and other founding members of the new division of RJR fabrics soon to release the Cotton + Steel collection. Alexia shares her passion for sewing and fabric, wishing to share the sense of accomplishment gained by learning a new technique by providing fabric accessible for every level of stitcher. Likewise, she also wishes to encourage quilters to push their limits and enjoy the process, with the end result something you can take pride in. Alexia Abegg now brings her stylish and approachable range of patterns and designs to the Fifi’s Fabricology store with fabric lovers able to create amazing projects inspired by her collection.

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