Bee in My Bonnet

Bee in My Bonnet take a unique perspective on fabric design. Creator Lori Holt claims she was basically born with a needle in her hand and it is shown by her handiwork. Bee in My Bonnet designs take vintage objects but add a modern twist, with vibrant colours and refined imaging. The vintage images include items such as candelabras, chandeliers, grandfather clocks, old telephones, portraits, keys, lamps, teacups and sofas. The antique elements are complimented well by the bright colours and busyness of the entire design. Newer designs by Lori include baking items, flowers, strawberries, cherries and polka dots, all with the same vintage feel of her previous collection. Lori draws inspiration from “colourful fabrics” and “all things vintage”, which is obviously shown throughout her product catalogue. The Queen Bee accredits her skill to her finest teachers, her mother and grandmother.

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