Bonnie and Camille

Bonnie and Camille are designers for Moda. The mother and daughter duo blends modern trends with traditional style creating a unique fabric style from the perspective of 2 generations. Both ladies share a love of quilting and are obsessed with fabric! They also share the same birthday. Bonnie has designed over 300 patterns and currently lives in Idaho with her husband, 5 children and 5 grandchildren. If she is not designing she loves scrap-booking, boating with her family or decorating her home. Camille started her own pattern company in 2007 called Thimble Blossoms. She currently lives in Las Vegas with her 3 children. Camille enjoys blogging, movies with her family and staying up all night sewing. They have an amazing range of fabrics to choose from and you can shop their fabric here at Fifis Fabricology online and in store.

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Bonnie and Camille (77)
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