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Cloud 9 Fabrics are known for using only 100% certified organic cotton in the manufacture of their base cloths, as well as environmentally friendly dyes for printing and dying. Cloud 9’s emphasis lies in bringing unique and beautiful fabrics to the home sewing enthusiast. They believe in working with artists who inspire them, so that they can inspire you! 2009 was the year that saw Cloud 9 enter the fabric industry, and with it, the unique angle of bringing organically sourced products for cotton enthusiasts. Cloud 9 also praise the chemical free process of their cotton, as their products are free of harmful ingredients common in fabric creation such as chlorine, urea-formaldehyde and sodium hydroxide. Delightful, happy colours adorn the majority of Cloud 9 products, stretching from classic vintage to modern flair, shying away from earthy tones and encouraging bright and rich flavours.

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