Copenhagen Print Factory

Copenhagen Print Factory is an inventive Danish fabric company created by a team with years’ of experience in the textiles, design processing, production and distribution of fabrics industries. Since their early beginning they have been extremely successful in the craft and the quilting business. The Copenhagen Print Factory has always had the idea to provide new inspirations through the work with a range of creative Nordic designers. Today Copenhagen Print Factory products are distributed in many European countries, New Zealand, Australia, Korea and Japan. With their collections focused on producing products with the greatest possible respect for the environment and consists of two main product lines. These include a children series in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and a series certified to OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Copenhagen Print Factory guarantees top quality, as a result of their decision to exclusively employ the highest possible quality requirements in production. In addition, all fabrics are subjected to a special finishing treatment which gives end products their wonderfully soft feel. Copenhagen Print Factory is available at Fifi’s Fabricology and as you explore their ranges of beautiful Scandinavian design collections you will be inspired and delighted.

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