Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt grew up in Massachusetts in an area full of old textile mill towns. Both her parents made things, with her mother sewing her own clothes as well as clothes for four kids and her father making furniture. Bother were very skilled, and while they took pride in their work, they never considered themselves craftspeople or artists. There root of creativity stemmed from the desire not to spend money, so when you needed something, you made it yourself. This flowed down to Denyse who started making things from a young age, and never stopped. Studying graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design, bouncing around on different career paths, she finally patched together her eclectic experiences creating Denyse Schmidt Fabric ten years ago. Denyse Schmidt Fabric operates out of a studio located in a historic factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The building was home to the American Fabrics Company, which once manufactured lace fabric, trim and embroideries from 1908 to 1990. Proudly carrying on the textile tradition, the studio is a beautiful space, with very high ceiling and great light from enormous industrial windows. Once considered nostalgic and utterly new, Denyse Schmidt Fabric designs are fresh, modern and timeless. With her collection of patterns, Denyse brings her off-beat modernist approach to traditional patchwork to Fifi’s Fabricology. This will give people a chance to capture Denyse’s style, incorporate your own ideas and colours, and stitch your very own one-of-a-kind quilt or patchwork project.

Denyse Schmidt (14)
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