Free Spirit House Designer

Free Spirit Fabric is a part of fabric giant, Westminster Fabrics, but brings its own unique style to the drawing board. The tone of designs is playful, yet innovative and brimming with creativity. With a magnificent contrast between its designs, one aspect draws on Earthy, rustic tones for inspiration, with nature decorating the darker styles. The other section however seems like it’s been made by a completely different designer, with flamboyant fuchsia prints, azure blues and bright intense floral patterns. Free Spirit also manufactures abstract texture designs as well as colourful patterns. Simplicity and complexity stand next to each other in their collection, as the wide range of products will astound any quilting enthusiast. They are described as perfect for the “modern, trend-conscious crafter, sewist or quilter.” The breadth of product diversity is incredible, with everything from antique to modern and everything in between. Free Spirit is definitely the choice for any free spirit looking to extend their fabric collection with exquisite pieces.

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