French General

French General for Moda is a specialised quilting and fabric house that delivers exceptional quality French inspired vintage designs. With a beautiful mix of colours include bright reds, pale pinks, light blues and creamy greens; French General has some of the best fabric designs to offer. With a huge emphasis on floral patterns and vintage wallpaper-based themes, it is no wonder the brand has such raving reviews from their customers. The elegant designs and craftsmanship draw crowds to attend their workshops that they host in Hollywood, described as a ‘little slice of crafty heaven on Earth’ by their customers. The continuous red tone that often reappears through the design is inspired by “the red florals that were printed in Rouen, France in the 18th century,” says Kaari Meng, designer at French General. “Old French red, faded cranberry and natural linen colours” are some of the favourites that make up these beautifully designed and inspired fabrics.

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