Jane Sassaman

After a varied career in the design world, Jane Sassaman began to quilt in 1980 where she found that these “soft paintings” satisfied the draftsman, the craftsman and the artist in her. Consequently, she is now a dedicated quilt artist and fabric designer with many of her art quilts having been shown in national and international exhibits, including Quilt National 1989 through 2005 and Contemporary American Quilts, the first major exhibit of American art quilts in England. Her quilt “Willow” was named as One of the One Hundred Best American Quilts of the Century. Jane is also the author of “The Quilted Garden”, in which the book includes twenty years of her work and exercises for making nature-inspired quilts. Jane’s love for historic decorative arts can be seen in all facets of her work, but it is especially evident in the exuberant fabric she is currently designing for FreeSpirit. Her designs are oversized and colourful created specifically for quilts, wearables and home decorating. Free Spirit resident designer Jane Sassaman’s range is characterised by its vivid design and striking colours which really pop out at you, now stocked at Fifis Fabricology they are the envy of all quilters and add a prestigious blend of colour and design.

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