Lecien In House Designer

Since 1933, Lecien have produced, designed and sold handicraft goods exporting from Japan to the world. The international manufacturer has received worldwide recognition for originality and strength of their sophisticated designs. Described as having ‘bits and pieces of whimsical retro looks’, Lecien bring an impressive style to the patchwork table. Their continual development of new designs brings them to the forefront of fabric popularity. The balance of popular culture items (such as Nyan cat) and the use of old Japanese and vintage designs is evident throughout their collections.

Lecien In House Designer (23)
Sub Catalogs
  1. Colour Basic (15)
  2. Antique Rose Spring 14 (2)
  3. First of Infinity (2)
  4. Quilters Basic (1)
  5. 30s Retro Child (3)