Lotta Jansdotter

With the ideal that designs are like plants working their way through cracks in the sidewalk, with things of simple beauty able to bring relief to the urban landscape. Lotta Jansdotter Fabric’s genius comes from exploring the beauty of everyday objects, dressing your child in the clothes you made, decorating your home with hand crafted pillows or quilts. It’s all about slowing down and minding the details, but that doesn’t mean you have to be precious about it. Lotta’s known for products that are functional and practical with her projects approachable and easy, making life better along the way. Aesthetically Lotta Jansdotter Fabric is deeply rooted in Scandinavian landscape, being born on a small group of islands between Sweden and Finland, her Swedish heritage is apparent through her pragmatic and self-sufficient approach to design. Can’t find what you want? Make it! Don’t know how? Learn it! Lotta Jansdotter takes the basic craft skills she learned as a young child, print-making and simple sewing and stretches them into sophisticated tools. Lotta’s designs may be steeped in artisan traditions and a DIY spirit but the homespun aspect ends there with her look being sleek and urban with her products made with the busy city life in mind. Her awareness, substance and instinctual sense of style are perfectly suited for contemporary life-styles as is her generosity choosing to share her knowledge through workshops. The Lotta Jansdotter studio is an old warehouse located in the industrial and very opportunistic neighbourhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn. A bright and sunny place filled with creativity and inspiration, this is where Lotta draws, creates patterns, designs a myriad of products, writes, hosts workshops and other events. Lotta Jansdotter collaborates with many different companies internationally, and Fifi’s Fabricology is fortunate enough to stock her ranges. Together with Lotta Jansdotter Fabric, we have made it possible for anyone to craft fantastic creations for your home and everyday life.

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