Lynette Anderson

From day one Lynette Anderson knew she wasn’t destined for a normal office job, from her rural upbringing exploring the woods of Dorset, England, Lynette has always loved the country life. She learned sewing, knitting, embroidery and painting at a very early age under the guidance of her mother and both her grandmothers. She stumbled into the craft of quilt making while searching for a creative outlet when becoming a mother herself and as they say the rest is history. Her interests soon grew into a thriving career in teaching and pattern designing and eventually lead to the launch of her own business. Lynette Anderson Fabric, which she continued to grow after migrating with her family to Australia in 1990. Lynette Anderson has rightfully cultivated a worldwide following unparalleled by other designers in the quilting industry. Whether you’re a passionate lover of embellishing, stitchery, patchwork design, quilting fabric or a bit of everything rolled into one Lynette offers the complete package. Beginning her design process with hand drawings before being transferred onto computer to be finalised, the inspiration of her patterns and fabrics come from a natural remembrance of her childhood memories, evening walks through natural rainforests nearby their home and everyday occurrences. These days Lynette splits her busy work schedule between working and designing from her home or her nearby studio and shop which is aptly named “Little Quilt Store” nestled along the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. Lynette also enjoys traveling and lecturing around the world in the US, Japan, Canada and throughout Europe. We are honoured to announce Lynette Anderson is bringing her touch of whimsy, sophisticated art folk design and distinctive blend of simple stitchery to Fifi’s Fabricology with all her fabrics stemming from her love of textiles with her aim to provide inspirational colour combinations that make your heart smile.

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