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Founded in 1911, by the two eldest of the six Marcus brothers, and later joined by their younger brothers was Marcus Fabrics. Headquartered in New York, the business has seen substantial growth and continued to evolve. The first step began with their decision to design and convert their own goods, selling fabrics to the home sewing departments of big-time retailers such Sears and J.C. Penney. Even during the great depression, Marcus Brothers weathered the economic storm by practicing careful management of their business. From its beginning to now the company’s attention to detail is evident, as Marcus Fabrics can now be found in quilt and fabric stores worldwide. Marcus maintains its well-earned reputation in the industry through its creative goals and high standards of quality and in 2007, the brand made a leap from Marcus Brothers to Marcus Fabrics truly reflecting the company’s specialization and its dedication to the quilting industry. Marcus Fabrics produces textile products for quilting and crafts, with a dual emphasis on creativity and high quality. In 2011, they celebrated 100years of fine fabrics with state-of-the-art design studios constantly creating distinctive collections that mirror the variety and technological advancements in the ever evolving world of fabric design. Fifi’s Fabricology is happy to give people the opportunity to purchase Marcus Fabrics. In an environment where every pattern, theme, texture and colour becomes a creative statement, there’s a reason why quilting enthusiasts choose Marcus Fabrics as the centrepiece of their quilts, crafts, apparel and home décor.

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