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Nutex is a New Zealand owned company that started business in an old villa in Newton Road in 1982. The goal was to supply the New Zealand garment and retail industry with well priced, fashionable fabric and not much has changed today. They do however, now work out of a purpose built office and warehouse space in Morningside. In 1995 they opened up a Craft and Quilt Fabric division and are now the largest supplier of these quality cotton fabrics in the New Zealand Market-place. Nutex employs a dedicated team of professionals who look after customers fabric requirements from start to finish. They also have great relationships with many international suppliers overseas who are supplied with a variety of new and interesting fabric. Nutex have a distinctive range of designs on offer at Fifis Fabricoolgy such as traditional aboriginal pieces that provide a cultural dimension to a quilt design or novelty designs that use an array of powerful colours and everyday objects to spice up your project.

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