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Established in 1963, P and B Textiles had two owners, Charles Prager and Irwin Bear and was known as Prager & Bear. In 1978, Irwin Bear became the sole owner and the name was changed to P and B Textiles. Later bought out again in 2008 by Edward and David Odessa, whose family has been in the textile industry for generations known for owning Red Rooster Fabrics, General Fabrics and SPX Fabrics. In the 1960’s and 70’s, P and B Textiles acted as a distributor for fabrics produced by other companies until it began designing and selling its own fabrics in 1980. The company now has a team of in-house designers, who work on their own ranges as well as work alongside guest artists to create many stunning fabric collections to please all types of quilters. When P&B Textiles began designing quilting fabrics, they had about a dozen suppliers of quilt fabric, and now there are well over a 100. They also had a very limited range of prints and colours, which is the polar opposite to the extensive range you can find today. P and B Textiles can now be found in thousands of quilt shops around the United States, and many more globally. One of the International quilt partners is Fifi’s Fabricology who are proud to stock a range of P and B Textiles quality fabrics, which are suitable for a variety of basics, traditional, contemporary and children fabric projects.

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P and B Textiles House Designer (89)
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