Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane Studio was born October of 2007, what started as a hopeful side job has turned into wonderful lifestyle brand that continues to produce art prints, paper goods, fabric, craft, hobby products and books for children. Being an artist for as long as she can remember Sarah Jane like most creative spent her spare time daydreaming and creating as a child, now as a mother of four, she spends her time illustrating and designing the magical world of childhood. Sarah Janes work is inspired from her own childhood, her mothering as well as a mix of Scandinavian design, fresh colour and vintage story books. She loves sharing her work and believes pictures, stories, design and colour can shape the way a child perceives the world they live in and for this very reason she is driven to fill spaces with illustration and design that reflects just that. With Sarah Jane ranges available to be purchased at Fifi’s Fabricology, if you’re after a magical, whimsical, fresh and deeply impressionable design for your child’s room with images that open their imagination or for sewing play clothes the Sarah Jane collection will have something for you.

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