Shelly Cominskey

Like most artists the passion to create stems back to Shelly’s earliest memories growing up. She grew up constantly enveloped in creating and instead of homework she could be caught doodling, watching TV not for the programs but to draw the characters and a colouring book was never enough having to draw her own characters to colour in. Regardless the platform any type of art just made Shelly happy, and today that statement is still true! Initially beginning her career in art designing polymer clay characters, Shelly would sell her artwork at craft shows and malls. This eventually led her back to her original passion of illustrating. Now spending her time illustrating, Shelly is driven with a vivid imagination and a strong passion to create, colour and paint! Now available at Fifi’s Fabricology Shelly Comiskey’s artwork is created with a “warm Whimsy” feel with the aim of making you smile. Her designs are used in a wide variety of quality fabrics each with a unique style and character that will bring your next quilting project alive!

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