Tanya Whelan

Tanya Whelan is an American designer and creator of Grand Revival Designs, an inspiring company that uses a diversity of floral patterns and designs for their fabrication. The style of flowers brings across an eclectic vintage feel to her designs, sometimes with the simple incorporation of polka dots and vibrant colours. Tanya incorporates roses and polka dots as her key motifs, either separately or combined. She has taken these common symbols and created a unique range that used juxtaposition of colour and shape to stimulate the creative mind. Her fabric designs are great for quilting and other sewing creations. She is now also an author and parent. The down to earth designer humbly describes herself as a wife and mother, collector of old junk and laundry avoider. Her predominately aqua, pink and pale blue designs are contrasted well by her beige colouring in her Petal collection. The designs bring a true 1960’s wallpaper feel to her fabric. Tanya’s designs have been featured in a multitude of internationally acclaimed quilting, sewing and home ware magazines including Sew News, Quilting, Romantic Homes, Sew Simple, Quilts and More, Home Companion and Country Home. Her latest designs are created with simplicity and ‘old fashioned prettiness’ as the core concept, with the nostalgic design making any quilt into a traditional masterpiece. We hope you appreciate the selection of Tanya Whelan fabric collections available at Fifis Fabricology online and in-store.

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