Terri Henson

Terri Henson is a self-taught artist and designer based out of Dallas in America, whose designs are constantly growing in popularity. She began her artistic journey by learning graphic design and selling pieces of her artwork online with a handful of her illustrations being very popular. Through a bit of luck and she was recommended that she exhibited her work and to begin licensing her work to manufacturers. She took this advice and today Terri enjoys nothing more than bring her fresh approach to common themes with her sweet happy style. Pieces of Terri’s work are commonly seen in a range of different products such as baby albums, gift bags, quilting fabric, stationary, scrap booking supplies and many other products. At Fifi’s Fabricology we are proud to be able to present to you the unique and quirky fabric patterns that Terri has designed. With her uniquely themed illustrations bringing an exciting new twist on otherwise common objects.

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