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Timeless Treasures is a family owned business that began creating fabrics fifteen years ago with the mindset to make novelty collections. Starting with designs such as pigs on motorcycles, rainbow coloured cats and surfing Santa’s, Timeless Treasures stamped their place in the fabric industry with their quirky flair. With a diverse design team of males and females with a wide cultural background, Timeless Treasures creates a vast, however unique spectrum of different fabrics. Recent collections stretch from sunflowers to pugs, mini whales to camping and frog princes to baked potatoes. They were compared by a customer to the music industry… a little crazy, love to dance and take requests! True to their namesake however, the do create ‘timeless’ creations, with a wide range of older style, vintage designs. Ironically, a quick browse at their latest collection would make one presume their style is more contemporary, but after further browsing, the width and breadth of fabric styles is truly astounding. Timeless Treasures are available to purchase online directly in Australia from (http://goo.gl/Nejm5o).

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