Tula Pink

Tula Pink graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, she then worked briefly as an Exhibit designer for Museums throughout L.A. before taking her talents to the music industry. After about 6 years she decided a change of scenery was in order so planned to move as far east as she could get without renting a boat and work her way back west until she found a place that she liked. Now living in a small mid-western town where her closest neighbour is roughly four miles away, she lives for fabric design. Through all of the moving and mind changing she discovered one thing was constant, fabric and sewing. It was from there she designed her very first collection in the living room, sent it into Moda Fabrics and before she knew it, the design was in production. A few years and several collections have passed since then and today working with Free Spirit Fabrics Tula designs patterns and fabrics not just for quilting but for a whole lifestyle of DIY-ers. She mentions that seeing her name on that selvage was the only thing that had been missing from her professional life. So now, an exiled rock princess on a throne of bolts and bobbins, has a space where she can tell her story and share whatever there is to share about her world. Its hard to put a finger on Tula Pink’s design style, as her range is hard to pigeonhole due to being broad and drawing inspiration from multiple sources. The styles on offer are huge from classical, regency inspired fabrics to more contemporary design. The versatility of Tula Pink is truly something to behold. Fifis Fabricology is lucky enough to have an immense selection of Tula Pink’s designs both in-store and on the website, which add an organic feel to your finished product drawing inspiration from everyday objects and patterns whilst also incorporating lively colours.

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