Valori Wells

Valori Wells fabrics brings a freshness to the industry creating an intimacy between pattern and colour. She is a modern quilter, pattern designer, painter, photographer and textile designer. Valori is currently based in Sisters also her collection reaches both a local and global market. Photography and print making placed her where she is today with a career as a fabric designer. For more than 14 years Valori has been moulding a new look for the quilting and sewing world with her larger than life fabrics inspired by nature and colour. As a quilter and seamstress herself she is always imagining a project in her mind as she created a new design. Her love for painting has helped her capture her fabric visions and inspired her to take up canvas painting. Valori Wells fabrics are available all over the world. In Australia you can shop Valori Wells fabric at Fifis Fabricology. Please see our collection below.

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Valori Wells (37)
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