Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes is a major influence in the world of fashion and the founder of the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. Beginning her career many of her early designs were considered to outrageous by traditional British manufacturers, so in 1969 she decided to establish her own retail store. Her latest debut collection with Free Spirit ‘Lace Mountain’ is jam packed with bold and vibrant colours and patterns. The inspiration for the collection is directly drawn from nature and her mother who sewed and made dresses when Zandra was growing up. The way it is interpreted is very unique and special, whether it’s Zandra’s “Frilly Flowers” or “Zigzag Stars”, her magical patterns can be sewn together in a myriad of ways creating wonderful quilting masterpieces. At Fifi’s Fabricology it’s incredible to provide quilters with Zandra Rhodes incredible collections, as we know all sewists and quilters won’t help but be inspired and captivated by Zandra’s designs. With each one of her vibrant patterns and colours able to bring out the dramatic and glamourous side of each quilting project.

Zandra Rhodes (32)
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