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Kaffe Fassett's Glorious Colour Lecture

On Tuesday 15th February, avid quilters and colour fanatics filled the Currumbin RSL function room to listen to Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably’s Glorious Colour Lecture.

The whole Fifi team was excited to be part of such a special night and arrived early to set up a Kaffe Fassett inspired stall and meet and greet the enthusiastic guests. After welcome drinks, and successful pre-show sales, Fiona took to the stage to officially open the evening and introduce the wonderful Brandon and Kaffe.


Brandon Mably is a colour enthusiast, knitwear designer, and has been the Studio Manager of Kaffe Fassett Studio in London for over a decade. Brandon’s passion for his work and tales of his colour journey are awe inspiring and provided the perfect introduction to Kaffe’s main presentation.

That said, Kaffe Fassett needs no introduction. A world renowned fabric designer and expert in all things colour! Kaffe has done it all, from walking into Vogue with his first knitted jumper that used a measly 20 different coloured yarns, to hosting his own television show, being the first textile designer to have a living exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum, and now presenting at the Currumbin RSL as part of his Australia tour.

For the next couple of hours, guests listened to Kaffe as he verbally painted his colour journey; funny stories about his name, his lack of concern for the neatness of the back of his work, his creative process, what inspires him, and how his use of colour and shapes has been moulded over the years by the people he’s met, the places he’s been and the social circumstances of the world around him. Everyone was completely captivated by Kaffe and revelled in the chance to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating man and his work.

The lecture concluded with an in-depth Q&A discussion, before Kaffe and Brandon held a book signing. Almost every guest had either brought their favourite book with them, or were able to purchase one of the Kaffe Collective books from our stall. The room was alive with conversation, discussing what they’d just heard, how it related to their own work, and the excitement of getting to meet Kaffe and Brandon in person!

Once the signing was over and the audience had started to dwindle, we were lucky enough to grab Kaffe and Brandon for an exclusive interview where we asked YOUR questions and some of our own!

Brandon and Kaffe were a pleasure to interview, giving in-depth responses and bouncing off each other. Their respect for Fiona and Fifi’s Fabricology was humbling and we can’t wait to invite them back!

“[Fifi’s Fabricology] has an absolutely wonderful range”
– Kaffe Fassett

“Quite honestly, [Fiona] has the largest collection of really well stocked fabric here in Australia than anybody else”
– Brandon Mably

“What makes [Fiona’s] shop as unique or stand out as it does is that there are vast possibilities.”
– Brandon Mably

Kaffe and Brandon go on to talk about how much colour is too much, how their perceptions of colour have changed over time, where they find inspiration and how pattern and colour speak and vibrate.