Charms Packs

Charm Packs in Australia are a very popular tool for quilters as they are one of the smallest and least expensive Pre Cut Fabrics. Their popularity stems from the fact that they provide affordability, they are easy to use and the pre cut sizing is very common in quilting. Most Charm Packs will typically include one square of every fabric within a collection so the number of pieces will vary depending on the collection. The size of the Charm Packs may also vary slightly by manufacturer, for instance RJR Fabrics cuts their Charm Packs to 5.5” x 5.5”. Commonly used in a range of different quilting including one-patch blocks, four-patch blocks, corner triangles and flying geese blocks Charm Packs are a must have for quilters. To view the extensive range of Charm Packs available online at Fifi’s Fabricology simply browse the featured Charm Packs below.

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