Layer Cakes

Moda Fabrics is once again responsible for bringing us Layer Cakes Quilting, a similar product to the Charm Pack in its square shape but coming in a larger 10” x 10” square size. Each of the Layer Cakes is available by collection and will typically include 42 pieces of fabric, which may vary depending on the particular collection. The Layer Cakes are ideal for the use for squares, half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, strips and even circles. Fifi’s Fabricology continually aims to provide customers with the best products available in the quilting & craft industry which is why we are proud to feature the Moda Fabrics Layer Cakes in-store and online at Fifi’s Fabricology. The Layer Cakes come pre cut providing you with more time to focus on being creative and crafting the quilting masterpiece you’ve always imagined.

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