Anna Griffin Inc

Anna Griffin offers exquisite fabric designs inspired by antique prints and textiles. There are hundreds of fabric collections featuring beautifully styled products in her ranges. Anna Griffin fabric is luxurious and brings a touch of elegance to your designs.

Some class her as a vintage designer as she infuses a mix of new and old world patterns to create her incredible designs. She is an expert in historical patterns and showcases her passion for classic design and contemporary style in all of her fabric ranges. Anna Griffin’s central designs heavily feature floral patterns but more subtle designs are also available.

Anna Griffin was talented from a young age growing up in a family of artists. Her love for antiques, textiles and prints are all recognisable in her fabric designs. She states her collections are a reflection of her passion for antiques and fine textiles and that the antique botanicals can be found on all of the walls of her home.

The passion and inspiration she instils in her designs is what makes the Anna Griffin brand successful today. Fabric lovers across the world enjoy using these designs to incorporate into their sewing masterpieces.