Northcott Fabric

Northcott Silk is an international distributor and creator of fine cotton fabrics that truly ‘feel like silk’. A large majority of their design encompass natural and earthy tones, with a popular collection being ‘Stonehenge’. Natural elements such as wood and bark make for rich colouring, as well as marble and rock designs featuring prominently throughout their repertoire. Northcott also boast a humble collection of deep greens, universal prints and brassy gold’s.

Founded initially in 1935, Northcott started off humbly as a fashion textile converter. As the years progressed, the company noticed an expansion in the cotton print market and decided to shift their focus in 1980 to accommodate for the trend. Northcott Silk have been producing high quality fabrics ever since.

Even though a lot of their designs favour simple earthy colours, upcoming products for Northcott include more contemporary designs including children’s designs, animal prints and other fashionable abstract elements.