Reece Scannell

Reece Scannell is a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience as well as a successful fashion designer for the past 12 years, who has now turned these extraordinary talents to Quilt Making. This acclaimed master with his trained eye for colour and composition has at last responded to the often asked query "Where can I buy these fabrics for Quilting? The colours are those jewel tones only silk have yet this is cotton!". Quilt Makers with a passion for beautiful fabrics will find it in Reece’s stunning range of designs.

The designs are an inspiring mix and match modular system of high quality cottons, beautifully reflective with a soft rich silk like sheen. His ranges consist of vibrant gemstone hues, subtle classic prints and unusual dimensional weaves. These fabrics, suit both contemporary and classic decor making with the fabric available in single packet lengths of 1/2 meter x 92 cm (19 inches x 36 inches).

The modular system is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, with the patterns providing an easy to follow step by step method and the result of stunning fabrics will make any quilter proud. Experienced quilters will appreciate the variety to be found in the choices from these colours with their depth, lustre and vibrancy. Now stocked at Fifis Fabricology your time spent in creating your masterpiece will result in timeless contemporary and abstract designs which stretch the current boundaries of colour combinations in natural fabrics.