Riley Blake Fabric

Riley Blake is an innovative fabric manufacturer based in Utah in the United States of America. Opening in 2008, after Bret and Cindy Cloward recognised a need in the market for new prints that offered sophistication for stylish sewists. Drawing inspirations from both local and international designs, the dynamic duo designed fabric lines that incorporated both vintage and modern aspects. Their fabrics have been described as reflecting an “elegant feel for colour, vibrant but with restraint, resulting in versatile prints for quilting, clothing or home décor”.

With over 30 designers, Riley Blake manages to encompass a wide variety of different styles and fabric designs. Riley Blake boasts fabric including cotton, flannel, knit, laminate, basics, home décor and even organic cotton. Similar to other fabric companies they do not directly sell their product online, but can be purchased through the Fifis Fabricology website. They have several physical stores across America, but have yet to branch off into the international market. With a huge range of styles, colours, patterns and designs, Riley Blake’s breadth of products is impressive, with constantly updating and new designs being released for events such as Christmas, birthdays, Easter and Halloween.

Riley Blake also offer an online “How to Quilt” and “Sew Together” webisode series that teaches the amateur quilter intermediate skills and techniques. They also provide heaps of free quilting patterns available here (

Riley Blake offer a great variety of products that appeal to both you and your grandmother, so browse their collection today at ( and purchase what you love here!