Robert Kaufman Fabric

Robert Kaufman Fabrics offers a wide variety of cotton prints and novelty fabrics for retailers and manufacturers. Their huge diversity includes simple coloured prints, tantric designs, abstract elements and quirky novelties. Recent collections include classic horror films, owls wearing hats, donkeys wearing shoes, detailed vegetables and kitchen utensils.

The collections of Kaufman boast 271 colours, as well as themes including seasonal, juvenile, entertainment, geometric, animals and nature.

With two separate design studios totalling over one hundred and forty staff, Kaufman is able to achieve a broad range of diversity and talent in his fabric line. The third generation since Robert Kaufman are now in charge of the quilting mainstream business.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics has a long and illustrious history, originating from Robert’s own personal perseverance through economic turmoil and hardship. From beginning a successful New York business that was eventually crushed in the Stock Market Crash of 1929, to starting it up again 20 years later, Kaufman saw his fair share of setbacks. His perseverance however saw him become a huge competitor on the global scale of high quality fabrics.