Shannon Fabrics

Shannon Fabrics was established in 1995, by a Persian immigrant, Ebrahim Pairavi. With the need to take over his father’s fabric business in Iran at the mere age of sixteen, the need to support his family including seven other brothers and sisters pushed him to create a thriving business.

He eventually immigrated to the United States, and after having his daughter, Amy Shannon, Ebrahim entered the fabric industry again with the creation of Shannon Fabrics. With limited English and an unfamiliar culture, Ebrahim managed to exceed expectations and once again create a successful business which continues today.

Shannon Fabrics have a huge emphasis on comfort. This is evident from their tagline “Making the World a Softer Place” and with several collections using a ‘cuddle’ theme. Comfortable fabrics such as silky satin and soft fur are prime examples of re-iterating their brand image of one that truly appreciates quality and smooth fabrics.

With a focus on comfort, Shannon Fabrics shy away from complicated, busy and risqué themes, but rather concentrate on bright colours, with simple yet elegant designs.

You can find Ebrahim’s Fabrics available today on FiFi’s Fabricology.