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Wonderfil Specialty Thread

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Alison Glass Eleganza Perle Cotton

Efina Threads

Fruitti Variegated 12 Weight

Thread Packages


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FT02 Bright Day 100m


FT02 Bright Day 400m


FT31 Evergreen 100m 12Wt


FT31 Evergreen 400m 12Wt


InvisaFil B002


InvisaFil Deepest Delectable Darks Pack


InvisaFil Must Have Mediums Pack


JN Wonderfil 60wt Efina Thread Pack


Susan Smith Efina Snowdrop Thread Pack


WonderFil Bobbinator Class 15 - Beige Colorway


WonderFil Bobbinator Class 15 - Grey Colorway


Invisifil B004


Invisifil Bold and Brights


Invisifil Cuddly Pastels


Invisifil Luscious and Lovely


Penelopes Perfect Blends


Tiffanys Touch of a Rainbow